Miguel Servet’s Birthplace, in Villanueva de Sijena

Miguel Servet (known as Michael Servetus in English-speaking countries) is an illustrious son of the province of Huesca.  This 16th century medical doctor and theologist was born in Villanueva de Sijena, where the house where he was born is an open door to discover more about him.  

The discoverer of the pulmonary circulation of the blood was the promoter of freedom of conscience, condemned to be burned at the stake for his religious differences at a time of great upheaval.  In Villanueva visitors can access all the secrets of the complex figure of Servet, through explanatory panels and videos.

Miguel Servet’s Birthplace was renovated in 2002 thanks to the aid of the Instituto de Estudios Sijenenses.  Two storeys where visitors can discover the life and work of the Spanish humanist, to which are added the old stables (now a conference room) and the old cellar (now a screening room).  The second storey also shows reproductions of a pharmacy and chemist; and the old granary is now an exhibition room.

Further information at www.miguelservet.org

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