Other snow sports

Other snow sports

A board or skis are not the only way of enjoying the snow.  A trip on a motorbike, on rackets or in a dog sledge is an opportunity to get a different view of winter in Huesca.



It used to be the method used by hunters in the Caucasus for walking across the snow, and nowadays it is the best way of hiking in winter. Showshoes fit onto mountain boots and make it possible to walk on snow covered ground without sinking into... Read more »


Share the adventure and the magic with them, like they do in the famous Iditarod race. However, you need not compete, you can just watch the enjoyment of the dogs when their ‘musher’ gives them carte blanche to do what they like the most:... Read more »


Discovering hidden corners which would otherwise be overlooked by those who are not expert skiers or snowshoers. Formigal resort has an area specially designed for this sport in El Portalet. Read more »

Speed riding

You must be a good skier (middle to high level), as this sport combines skiing with paragliding and makes it possible to descend snowy mountains at high speeds. Cerler is the first resort in Aragon to offer this cutting edge sport. g Read more »

Ice karting

An innovative experience which consists of driving a kart over a frozen track, either in sessions lasting for several minutes or racing with groups of friends. A fun option which is offered at Formigal. Read more »

Snow bike

Snow biking consists of replacing skis or snowboards for a bicycle with which we can move over the snow. This isn't a normal bicycle, given that its wheels have been replaced with skates to facilitate the descent. Read more »

Snake gliss

Most ski resorts have areas especially dedicated for those experiencing their first contact with snow.  A pleasure which is no longer reserved solely for children: snake gliss allows sledge-lovers to enjoy a new experience consisting of descending... Read more »

Other proposals in snow

In the snow we can building an igloo, the traditional home to Eskimos. Other attractive proposals include ‘paintballing on snow’, firing paint-filled balls at other players using compressed air guns, or ‘tubbing’, descending a snowed slope... Read more »

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