Huesca cuisine

Huesca cuisine

The memory Huesca leaves on your mind starts with the palate. Discover Huesca's traditional cuisine: Aragón suckling lamb with potatoes, chicken al chilindrón (in a tomato and pepper sauce), wood-roasted meat, wild mushrooms...

An unforgettable trip cannot ignore the flavour of good food and good wine. The magic of Huesca is memorable for the mark it leaves on the senses, which on the palate multiplies and lasts in time. The variety of products that the agricultural artisanship puts on the table is transformed into delicious dishes in large and small restaurants. Enter and discover a world of sensations hard to forget.

The region offers a great variety of meats, from game to foul. From a large wild boar to the humble chicken, cooked al chilindrón (with tomatoes and peppers) in its most traditional recipe; or the Aragón suckling lamb, the Pyrenean beef or gammon. And one must not forget the cured meats and cheeses, made in several points of the province, as well as the chireta sausages.

Vegetables such as borage and garden produce of all kinds add colour to the dishes, as do wild mushrooms and black truffle. And pulses, the base of thick stews which once fed the farm workers. The region is rich in round beans called boliches and a potage called 'recao'.

Another very typical dish are migas del pastor (shepherd's breadcrumbs), made with bread and slightly differently depending on the area. With a generous sprinkling of good oil.

For dessert, even more diversity, ranging from a light yoghourt made with goat's milk or the varied baking products, such as the pastries from the West of the province and the pumpkin pie.


Huesca is also a source of delicatessen material, with unique products that, as the magical views that are recorded on our retinas, will record on our palate for time to come.

One of such products is the chireta. This is a kind of haggis made with lamb tripe and stuffed with rice and spices before being cooked. There are great chiretas in the Somontano of Barbastro and in Sobrarbe.

Another delicacy is the 'recao'.  A dish with beans made popular by the cook Teodoro Bardají in Binéfar, although it can be found in other places of High Aragón.

For dessert, as well as the excellent fruit from the eastern part of the province, there is a unique yoghourt made with goat's milk in the Cinca Medio.


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